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About me

You are a prodigy cartoonist/designer that doodles and designs relentlessly late into the night and always that few minutes in the morning just before heading out the door to work, on the bus, at lunch, on the way home on the bus, on the toilet…


Hello, my name is Rob Mcleay,  founder of Mcleay Workshops, an online art and design school for people that can’t stop doodling.


Hey Rob, why should we invest our time and energy with you?

The solution to all your problems is right here!

I have brought my project making skills from the classroom to an online environment, giving students the chance to flex their drawing chops with over 100 studio-style projects to complete. 

For YEARS I studied the professional artists from Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks, trying to understand the EASIEST WAY TO DRAW, then I started teaching CARTOON WORKSHOPS  and developed the Draw 8 Method, a systematic approach using 8 simple steps that anyone can learn.

To date over 1500 students have studied with me with some going on to work in animation and gaming.


Please join me and get great at character design!

Rob McLeay